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Create your own Father Blessing

Forest Path

Becoming a parent is an initiation.

In most Western Cultures, this transition is not marked or acknowledge in any kind of meaningful way for a father.

This is a tragedy of our time as it's often one of the biggest life altering events in a man's life.

At the Rad Dad Collective, we believe it is important to celebrate, support, and acknowledge a man through his transition into a healthy version of fatherhood for himself.

We've created a free blueprint to help create a meaningful "Father Blessing" for an expectant father in your life.

What is a Father Blessing?

A Father Blessing is a way mark the beginning of an expectant fathers journey into fatherhood. This is done in an intentional way with the support of their community. It is a way to confront, acknowledge, and celebrate the twisty and often unpredictable road ahead of parenting.


Once a man crosses the threshold of fatherhood, there is no going back. It takes a village to raise a child and for the man to fully embrace his new role as father.

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