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Rad Dad 

"A sense of community, knowing that the struggles I face daily as a new dad are shared by other dads in every town in every country around the globe. It so strongly binds us as humans, and seeing these guys log in from the east coast to Hawaii each week was awesome."


"I found that I could be more compassionate for myself at the same time as being willing to take responsibility for what was within my control in the different relationships we explored on the calls."

Josh Munro

"The group brings together men from far and wide to share their experience of being a father and all that that entails. The sense of comradery is amazing and the opportunity to ask for advice, or simply hear stories, from those further down the path than you is priceless."

Patrick Zuccaro

"The RadDad Collective was an experience that helped me through some challenging times during COVID when we were cooped up at home in a condo. Being in a virtual circle with a bunch of dad’s was refreshing as everyone shared similar experiences and struggles. It was refreshing to hear that I wasn’t alone in my thoughts and struggles as a Dad and the support was helpful. Connection is key and I found being able to talk on a deeper level was so beneficial during this time."

Dave Robens

"The Rad Dad Collective is a beautiful opportunity to return to community, to brotherhood, for men who bask in the glory and live in the trenches of fatherhood. It was incredible to immerse myself in the joys and sorrows of my fellow fathers, to learn from them and to share my own wisdom. We grew as individuals and as a group. And we all left with a greater sense of connection, a lot more perspective, a bucket of wisdom, and more confidence to face the everyday. This opportunity is unmissable!"

Rad Dad 

“I feel alone in my struggles as a father at times. Wondering how much of my struggle is my own and how much this is a common experience. Just as mothers have wondered with other mothers how to be kind to themselves in the midst of expectations, fathers need a place to do similar wondering in the company of other fathers. I found such a place in the Rad Dad council."

Rad Dad 

"Amazing leaders and instantly earned my respect."


"Finally... dad's who are embracing fatherhood to be the best dad's they can be."

Roy Cohen

"It was the first time I have shared in a deep way what does it means to be a Dad with other men, it was wonderful and reassuring, I feel close to those Dads and open to them, I think it is a great start."

Ben Sharabi

"If you are looking to up your game as a father... This is the place. An honest group of men, who get the challenges of fatherhood and will be there to help you figure it out."


"I never realized that I felt alone until I was supported by a group of men who authentically cared about me. This program opened my heart and mind to receiving support emotionally from men."

Rad Dad 

"The rad dad collective is a growing and emerging community where men and Fathers can come to share honestly about their experiences and become a better father."

Nils von Hahn

"Discovering the Rad Dad Collective a few months after my second child was born and in the midst of a Pandemic was nothing short of a lifesaver for me. The bi-weekly Zoom Meetings are a safe container wherein I feel heard, supported, and encouraged to be the best Dad/Partner/Man I can be. I'm incredibly grateful for the sense of Brotherhood I experience being a part of the Rad Dad Collective and for all the ways it helps me show up more fully and meaningfully for my family."

Neal Kelly

"I joined the Rad Dad collective after separation, I needed to build a support network around parenting at that time. Since joining I have developed as a father and a man, taking responsibility for my choices, and looking at my part in how my life unfolds. The safety I've experienced with the Rad Dad collective has helped me open up and build meaningful relationships with other fathers and men, I've learned how to rebuild trust with my kids,  and I can share my experience as a father."

Rad Dad 

“For me the biggest take away was just getting to listen to other fathers talking about their experience and realizing that their is a lot of commonality in all of our struggles and joy”
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