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The Vision:

All fathers have a deep and meaningful community of men to help in the transition and continuous journey of fatherhood. 

Why is this important?

The era of the atomic family is dying and unsustainable. It takes a village to raise a family and building a strong community of supportive men is key in that village.


The benefits of a strong community are:

-Increased accountability

-Increased support

-Increased learning

-Increased sense of belonging

-Increased mental and physical health

-Shared struggles and joys of fatherhood

Our Story:

The Rad Dad Collective started out as the Rad Dad Camp Out, which was a music festival style event for dads and their kids.


Countless hours and preparation went into planning for the first event but then Covid hit and ground everything to a screeching halt.

David and Sean, the two co-founders of the Rad Dad Camp Out, had to pivot. Since no more event was possible, they reach out to 10 other Rad Dads across the country during lockdown to create the first Council of Father's Men's Circle via zoom.

The group went deep together sharing their shared joys and struggled of fatherhood during uncertain times. There was a shared magic that was created by bringing a group of fathers together.  The Rad Dad Collective was formed.

Since then, we have run countless Council of Fathers groups and an ongoing Inner Circle group for the past 3 years.

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